2010 Reports

  • The linguistic profile of the businesses in the Curry Mile, Rusholme

    Isaac Cameron, Miles Cunliffe, Holly Dillon, Nichola Morris, Amy Shaw

  • The linguistic profile of Cheetham Hill

    Craig Dean, Rachel Dunn, Sinead Egerton

  • Schools and Multilingualism in Manchester

    Yasna Hawksley, Maja Sather, Lauren Stopps

  • The employment of retroflex realisations in the production of the English phonemes [t], [d], and [r], by British Asian adolescents: A purposeful feature?

    Maya Zara

  • Punjabi in Manchester

    Melanie Bannister, Emily Collett, Sanjay Dove, Laura Healy, Grace Wrigt

  • Polish in Moss Side, Manchester

    Paul Bamforth, Lisa Jackson, Rebecca McDowell, Marn Walker, Paegan Ward

  • Polish in Manchester

    Pamela Barr, Emily Cleary, Rachel Donnelly, Alexandra Geca, Elizabeth Graham, Rochelle Travers

  • Multilingualism in Manchester’s Chinatown

    Samuel Fletcher, James Flinton, Saelom Lim, Lara Touitou

  • Multilingualism in Rusholme Health Centre

    Katie Faxon, Julia Kolkmann, Daniel Smithson, Joseph Woods

  • Multilingualism in Moss Lane East, Moss Side

    Clare Hallam, Sarah Kenny

  • Multilingualism in Manchester’s schools

    Natalie Edden, Elizabeth McCormack, Catherine Prendergast, Kelly-Ann Hughes

  • Multilingualism in Longsight market

    Nichola Briggs, Robert Lee, Tom Norman

  • Linguistic diversity in a Gorton school

    Daragh Fennessy, MOse Keleher, Joseph Moulton, Claire Volding

  • An investigation into policy and practice within Manchester’s health services with reference to multilingualism in communities

    Clementine Fenton, Lydia Habicht-Britton, Siobhan Hoy, Michael McParland, Jessica Troughton, Susannah Warrington

  • Language investigation on the Jamaican Creole (Patois) in Moss Side, Manchester

    Fawn Beddows, Jasmine Brown, Chinwe Emodi-Okechukwu, Hannah Graham, Daniel Keogh, Matthew McNally

  • Language change in progress: Evidence from spelling in computer-mediated communication

    Lucy Jones

  • Investigation into the language maintenance of Ukrainian as a minority language in the community of Cheetham Hill

    Myroslava Kochan, Helena Mapals, Rebecca Smith, Andrew Webster

  • How do the factors of age, birthplace and occupation affect the consumption of media in Manchester by Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi speakers?

    Sean Brown, Sophie Couzens, Kimberley Horan, Shazia Khan, Alex Robertson, Holly Robison

  • An investigation on language use in Rusholme: Businesses on ‘The Curry Mile’

    Jessica Littlefair, Lauren Morgan, Alice Tebbutt

  • An investigation into the use of Cantonese in Manchester

    Jennifer Chan, Clare Liang, Hannah Martin

  • A survey of language use in Longsight

    Emma Beswick, Charlotte Cullen, Sapna Dhorajiwala, Alexandra Francis, Rahaf Khayat, Charlotte Pickersgill

  • A study of language use in Ladybarn

    Ashleigh Brough, Sarah Doyle, Rebecca Jackson

  • A study of Cantonese language use in Manchester’s Chinese community

    Camille Dubuis-Welch, Jessica Howard, Ricky Iftikhar, Samantha Rogerson

  • A multilingual family’s linguistic profile in Manchester: A domain analysis of English, Urdu and Punjabi

    Samia Chaudry, Maimoona Khan, Anit Mahay

  • A linguistic profile of Claremont Road

    Lucy Baynes, Christian Bloor, Charles Crich, Rhiannon Hughes, Elodie McClean

  • Comparison of language use in the business communities of Chinatown and the Curry Mile

    Ashleigh Grue, Penelope Street