2011 Reports

  • The maintenance of Cantonese among second generation Manchester

    Wai Chan, Fang Dong, Li Dong, Xinzhu Song, Yueyi Zhang, Qijing Zhu

  • Societal multilingualism in the Jewish Community in Prestwich

    Rachael Ford, Thomas Geddes, Emily Hunt

  • Research into language choice and multilingualism in the medical profession

    Sophie Caplan, Edward Muir, Sean Robinson, Abigail Speakman, John Bartliff, Peter de Souza

  • Multilingualism in Manchester’s Chinatown

    Chloe Andrews, Andrew Gott, Claire Keene, Jessica Neary

  • Multilingualism in a North-West England football team

    Heather Doherty, Karim Elkadi, Jessica Flavell, Max Self

  • Multilingual use, and provision, in restaurants within Manchester

    Paul Frame, Tom Harris, Rebekah Hayes, John Hesford, Jon Taylor

  • Language within Manchester Health Services: Provisions and Practice

    Rebecca Boston, Helen Elms, Charles Hagger, Toni Hollows, Emily Lomas, Rachel Shaw

  • Language use in shops on the Curry Mile in Manchester

    Pilar Brenlla Vilar, Sylvia Deveaux, David Freire Fernandez, Noelle Theres Testrut

  • Language use and maintenance in the multilingual area of Cheetham Hill, Manchester

    Begona Altuna, Bethany Cook, Thomas Howell, Hannah Sill, Nicola Woollacott

  • Language use and attitudes of the British-born Pakistani community in Manchester

    Sara Khan

  • Language usage and cultural identity in Manchester’s Chinatown

    Melanie Bannister, Liam Calvert, Stella Charalambous, Morgane Hallier, Zoe Isherwood

  • Language choice of the Polish community in Manchester

    Mandy Bond, Jason Harris, Iwona Maslanka, Helen Pickering, Deniz Pinar Turkoglu

  • How is language usage affected by different domains in the Curry Mile area of Rusholme, Manchester?

    Lily Afford, Alexandre Briand, David Magee, Danielle Middleton, Blakesley Orr, Jessica Rothwell

  • Do the services in central Manchester have language policies in practice and do they cater for the diversity of languages spoken?

    Angela Dickinson, Louise Harper, Shawny Moore, Charlotte Pickersgill

  • Description of a minority language community – focusing on the Polish language community within Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall

    James Crawshaw

  • Community languages in Longsight

    J. Venner

  • Applying social networks to attitudes studies: The case of Urdu in the Longsight community

    Stephanie Craig, Christie Farrell, Masoud Jafarali Jasbi, Yoolim Kim, Katherine Laurie

  • An investigation of code-switching in the Rusholme area of Manchester

    Saori Akiho, Ci Chen, Mabrouka Fagi-Hassan, Ashley Paice, Jason Sheldon

  • An investigation into multilingualism amongst 16-19 year old college students

    Samantha Calvert, Leah Clegg, Rebecca Darlow, Naomi Davies, Samantha Horrigan

  • An investigation into how minority languages are used for certain in different roles within businesses on the ‘Curry Mile’, Rusholme

    Chloe Anderton, Phoebe Le-Saint, Rachel Robinson Parsons, Natalie Rowley, Phoebe Smith, Jessica Witty

  • A study into the presence of Multilingualism in a Moss Side doctor’s surgery

    Yasmin Hall, Lucy Hilton, Francis Masterson, James Ridgway, Eleanor Whitford Kelly

  • A linguistic profile of Whalley Range

    Mandy Amoah, Thomas Howell, David Ryan, Victoria Trainer

  • A comparison of the linguistic landscapes of Manchester

    David Ryan