2014 Reports

  • Reading the Curry Mile – Language Use in the Linguistic Landscape of Rusholme, Manchester

    Leonie Elisa Gaiser

  • The role of language in the signs of four multicultural areas of Manchester, and how representative they are of the population in each

    Gabriel O'Connell, Chad Whitaker, Jake Lee Tilley, Jack Hurlock

  • The effects of multilingualism on recruitment and its influence on employability

    Joss Stott, Emily Stanbridge, Benn Hodgkiss, Ella Claire Young, Michael Mackintosh

  • Multilingualism among the travel agencies in Manchester

    Ziyuan Pan, Junjie Liang, Lauren Thomas

  • Multilingual signage and leaflet usage in Manchester: Motives, distribution and variety

    Faria Khokhar, Asma Elmsallati, Connor Barrett, Samuel Potter, Charlotte Anne Mather

  • Language usage in Manchester’s Chinatown

    Laura Proctor, Nicola Telfer, Jessica Faith Rigby, Natasha Kathryn Stein

  • How do bilingual children utilise the process of language conversion in social situations, as well as maintaining their proficiency in other languages in St. Paul’s Catholic High school?

    Alice Baelden, Laura Hatton, Matthew Moran, Nobuhiko Yamazaki

  • How and why are minority languages maintained within Greater Manchester via supplementary schools

    Kiera Solaiman, Sidra Zara, Rachael Jones, Asia Jamil

  • Domain variance and cultural identity in a south Manchester high school

    Asa Cann, Alex Harman, Gareth Evans, Victoria Wallace

  • Does an educational setting affect language choice in ‘Heald Place Primary School’?

    Natalie Parr, Lydia Morton, Jannes Dalhaus, Marcus Sorton

  • An investigation into multilingualism in small businesses in China Town and Rusholme

    Laura Coleman, Rachael Elizabeth Lunt, Victoria Dichiara, María Belén Castelo, Jie Wang

  • An evaluation of the distribution and content of multilingual signs in Manchester

    Owain Bundy-Davies, Bethany Curry, Lucy Kate Bramhall, Camilla Barlow

  • An analysis of the external social factors influencing first language distribution in Manchester

    Gabrielle Royle, Holly Alexandra Nichola Jones, Luke Marsh

  • An analysis of multilingualism in two Manchester branches of restaurant P

    Alana Anne Colton, Amy Brenndorfer, Olivia Katie Colvin, Lucy Hannah Cook

  • A comparison of linguistic landscapes in Manchester: A case study of the Curry Mile, Chinatown and Moss Side

    Ruby Linden, Emily Aston, Martha Forsythe

  • A comparative study of language use within the business sectors of ‘The Curry Mile’ with China Town

    Amy Nichol, Alisha Bhagat, Bridie Jane Cottiss, Thomas Eckles, Saba Ullah

  • The linguistic landscape of Manchester: A case study on the multilingual signs of Longsight, Moss Side and Rusholme

    Elisabeth Rexrodt, Jingjing Feng, Nelli Derksen, Si Nok Kuok, Thi Mai Chinh Pham