2015 Reports

  • A linguistic landscape of Cheetham Hill’s high street

    Aimee Smith, Eleri Dorsett-Smith

  • Why do bilinguals code-­switch in the Cheetham Hill area?

    Charlotte Moore, Donald Spencer, Mark Holland, Sam Harrison, Tom Calder

  • The Benefit of Supplementary Schools in Maintaining Minority Languages in Manchester

    Katie Ashworth, Carmelo José Jiménez, Danielle Johnson, Ellie Tindsley

  • School Language Survey in Heald Place Primary School

    Lucy Brookes, Rebecca Pauline Jones, Kathryn Isabel Murray, Rebecca Ruby Prescott

  • School Language Survey: Abraham Moss Community School

    Rhia Abukhalil, Shannon Allen, Helena Charles, Stephanie James, Kieron Sealey-­‐John

  • Perceived effects of childhood bilingualism on late third language acquisition

    Emily Archer, Amy Hinchcliffe, Sophie Seeger, Wenlin Jocelyn Tong

  • Online language use of Polish and Chinese communities in Manchester

    Rose Ellen Halligan, Sophie Iveson, Hannah Morgan, Amy Elizabeth Price

  • Mother Tongue Maintenance and Shift among Chinese Individuals and Families in Manchester: A Domain Analysis of Cantonese, Mandarin, and English

    Marine Boyer, Li He Handan Luo, Yuya Okawa, Yini Zhang

  • Manchester’s Linguistic Landscapes: A case study on the Multilingual Signs of Moss Side and Rusholme

    Georgia Wadsworth, Olivia Holgate, Jennifer van Hees

  • Linguistic Landscapes in Manchester City Centre

    Lucy Brenner, Lauren Howarth

  • Linguistic Landscapes across Manchester: A comparative analysis of five areas

    Kovsar Asadova, Irene Cuéllar, Mariam Inam, Imaniyah Khalid, Marius Rödder

  • Linguistic Landscape of Longsight and Levenshulme

    Saskia Gunewardena, Jenny King, Anja Gabriela Parziani

  • Language choices of individuals and families

    Rebecca Jade Barton, Sonia Mills, Chad Whitaker

  • Language Choice of Individual Malaysian Chinese Students in Manchester

    Xinyun Lei, Siqi Liu, Yi Zhao

  • How is language choice in the ‘Curry Mile’ district of Rusholme, Manchester, affected by different domains?

    Joshua Cook, Michael Jenkins, Nicholas Jones, Matthew O'Brien, William Taylor

  • Habitual language choices: case studies from bilingual speakers

    Perisha Poonam Kaur Kudhail, Sarah Louise Lee, Grace Ormerod

  • Does a multilingual adolescent’s language proficiency relate to how closely they identify with their culture and ethnicity?

    Evangeline Grant, Angelina Zuleika Kelly, Vanessa Mankoto

  • Choice and Maintenance in a Shona and Chewa speaking family

    Patience Rutendo Mujuru

  • An Analysis of a multilingual family: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English

    Hattie Graham, Hannah Holland

  • A study of multilingualism in linguistic landscapes of the healthcare industry

    Scarlett Cecelia Chester-­Roberts, Jeremy David Limb, Rebecca Zoe Mcaree, Thomas Reaney, Danielle Thomas

  • A Study of Language Provision in the North Manchester Libyan School

    Amie Louise Atkinson, Bethany Gargett, Amy Hughes

  • A Comparison of Multilingual Landscapes within Manchester: A case study of Chinatown and Deansgate

    Iman Maryam Al-Hassani, Jade Rebecca Anderson, Annabelle Harrison, Amy Rachael Morgan

  • Investigating Linguistic Landscapes: A study of the use of signs in businesses in Burnage, Chinatown and Rusholme

    Kathryn Baldwin, Ningyuan Ge, Bronya Holliday, Xiaoxuan Liu, Anna Maguire