2016 Reports

  • An investigation into the online usage of Chinese languages within the businesses of Manchester

    Christian Chaney, Zoe Gunter, Jennifer Thom

  • Linguistic landscapes: A study into the Urdu speaking community of Cheetham Hill

    Bethany Carson, Natasha Kalantar

  • Multilingual Manchester’s linguistic landscapes: A study on the use of multilingual signs for businesses in Manchester

    Elisabeth Bannister, Holly Hark, Laura Joyce, Amy Portwood

  • Attitudes to multilingualism in the media

    Elisa Gallagher, Ishrat Ali, Mia Davis, Louisa Majid

  • A study of language policy in Longsight, Cheetham Hill and Moss Side

    Stella Wright, Thomas Mills, James Riley, Elena Pavan, Manuel Lanz

  • Case study on multilingualism in Cheetham Hill

    Julie Lalouette, Beth Clark, Kieron Power, Stanley Rigby

  • A comparison between language attitudes in Manchester, Leicester and Durham

    Holly Cruddace, Lydia Grantham, Molly Petray, Rebekah Scott

  • A research comparison on language choice and multilingualism within media services between Longsight and Cheetham Hill

    Ashlie Blakey, Dennis Kai Di Huang, Sophie Dutton, Hannah Clinton, Grace Shelley

  • Linguistic landscapes in Greater Manchester

    Elouise Jay

  • Investigating the linguistic landscape of Manchester through a comparative analysis of Longsight and Moss Side: fieldwork report

    Emily Twitcher, Adam Ghidouche, Benjamin Harlow, Stephanie Connor

  • How do independent supermarkets in Chinatown and Curry Mile include or exclude their customers in relation to their linguistic landscapes?

    Daniel Arrowsmith, Daniel Oakey, Paloma Perez-Brown, Natalie Selby, Megan Smith