2019 Reports

  • An analysis of the language use of Algerians living in Manchester

    Lily Bovil, Lena Horak, Harriet Joy Jackson, Ruby Selvon, Ianthe Warlow

  • African languages in secondary schools

    James Asare, Arabella Cable, Maia Gillespie, Helena Glover, Lois Speechly Dick

  • Building and maintaining a multilingual repertoire in Manchester by African international students

    Marcos Ayuso, Lauren Forrest, Haruka Sato, Maria Vizcaíno-Beguería

  • Not Too Spicy: How The Linguistic Landscape of Stockport is Influenced by the Demand for Emblematic Multilingual Advertisement

    Marcus Finer, Holly Matthies, Michael Schulz, Nathaniel Tallis-Lock

  • LinguaSnapp survey of Greater Manchester Boroughs Fieldwork report: Rochdale

    Jordi Campàs Caballeria, Albane Heili, Ning Ma

  • The Linguistic Landscape of Werneth, Oldham

    Joseph Carroll, Eleanor Murphy, Kainat Shabir, Jack Thompson, Miles Townsend

  • Online and offline use of Punjabi in Manchester

    Lucy Appleby, Pavondeep Lallie

  • A study on linguistic landscape in Bolton: Patterns of multilingual signs within the community

    Daniel Frankland, Nga Man Chan, Hiu Ying Tse