• A study into the reasons behind top-down multilingual signs, the languages within these signs, and attitudes towards these signs, with a focus on Central Manchester

    Joseph Butler, Isak Ferati, Natasha Torres-Coote

  • Multilingual Manchester’s Linguistic Landscapes: A Study on the Use of Multilingual Signs for Public Services in Manchester

    Ellie Forrester O’Neill, Jessica Richardson, Arif True

  • A study of language policy in Longsight, Cheetham Hill and Moss Side

    Stella Wright, Thomas Mills, James Riley, Elena Pavan, Manuel Lanz

  • A study of multilingualism in linguistic landscapes of the healthcare industry

    Scarlett Cecelia Chester-­Roberts, Jeremy David Limb, Rebecca Zoe Mcaree, Thomas Reaney, Danielle Thomas

  • Multilingual Manchester: Language policy, language provision, teacher training and teacher methods

    Rachel Marsh, Sara Pugh, Rachel Williams

  • Language within Manchester Health Services: Provisions and Practice

    Rebecca Boston, Helen Elms, Charles Hagger, Toni Hollows, Emily Lomas, Rachel Shaw

  • An investigation into policy and practice within Manchester’s health services with reference to multilingualism in communities

    Clementine Fenton, Lydia Habicht-Britton, Siobhan Hoy, Michael McParland, Jessica Troughton, Susannah Warrington

  • Language planning and policy in Manchester

    Andrea Donakey

  • How minority languages are represented in Manchester’s cinema industry

    Sarah Godfrey, Hannah Hopkins, Natalie Porter, Alexandra Williams

  • Do the services in central Manchester have language policies in practice and do they cater for the diversity of languages spoken?

    Angela Dickinson, Louise Harper, Shawny Moore, Charlotte Pickersgill