Manchester accent project


Funded by the Economic & Social Research Council

Grant RES-000-22-4242

This website presents features of the Manchester accent which have been studied in the ESRC-funded project entitled “Variation and change in the vowel system of Manchester” (Grant RES-000-22-4242), conducted at the University of Manchester. The focus of the project is on sociolinguistic variation in Manchester’s vowels, that is, on the differences in the pronunciation of vowels found between different social groups, such as different social classes, genders, ethnic groups, or different generations of speakers in Manchester. These differences are explored acoustically in terms of F1 and F2, that is, the first formant (corresponding to the position of the tongue in the high-low dimension) and the second formant (corresponding to the position of the tongue in the front-back dimension), measured in Hertz.

Copies of publications arising from the project will be posted here as they become available. In addition, we plan to add information about variation and change in Manchester’s consonants in the near future.

For more information, contact the Principal Investigator, Dr Maciej Baranowski at

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