Learning a new language can be relaxing, fun, and — let’s admit it — a bit daunting. You might feel like you want to try it out, but don’t know where to start, or might be disheartened when fluency seems totally out of reach.

At Multilingual Manchester, we’re keen to encourage language learning as a way to explore and learn more about the city and its rich diversity, and to make bonds between people from a broad range of backgrounds. Our Tea Break Tasters are short, simple lessons with no tests or targets: just practice them when you feel up to it, and surprise your neighbour, friend or colleague when you say “hello” in their language.

I want to learn some…

More lessons and more languages coming soon!

Multilingual Manchester (MLM) is a research unit based at The University of Manchester. The MLM Student Volunteering Scheme engages students studying a broad range of degree programmes across the University. You can find out more about the Scheme here. In Spring 2020, face-to-face MLM volunteering activities paused in line with measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19; MLM project staff designed these short language classes as a way to engage student volunteers remotely and stay in touch to alleviate isolation, and to provide relaxation and learning opportunities for members of the public at a difficult time. We would love to hear from you if you try these classes – get in touch on Twitter (@mlmanchester), using #TeaBreakTasters, or send us an email at mlm@manchester.ac.uk.

If you’re a UoM student and would like to contribute, please email alex.robertson@manchester.ac.uk