2012 Reports

  • Why do bilinguals code-switch in the Oldham/Clarksfield area?

    Aneesa Azam, Victoria Kilford, Hannah McLaughlin, Sidra Yousaf

  • To what extent is the Polish language represented within various domains in Manchester?

    Katie Berkes, Lauren Birchall, Rachael Cochrane, Sally Halliwell, Phoebe Ollerearnshaw

  • Multilingualism at the University of Manchester

    Ella Burke, Zareta Esieva, Catherine Scalon, Shiqi Wan, Huan Zhao

  • Report on Multilingual Media in Rusholme (Manchester)

    Henry Baker, Joseph Ellaway, Christine Gormley, Laura Marin Lopez, Rory O'Callaghan

  • Multilingualism among restaurant workers in Manchester’s Chinatown

    Siyu Guan, Mio Koishi, Yo Ozaki

  • Multilingual Manchester – Longsight report

    Alexander Ford, Kimberley Lees, Calum Rothwell, Christopher Schwartz, Alexandra Tracey, Danielle Whisker

  • Multilingual Manchester: Language policy, language provision, teacher training and teacher methods

    Rachel Marsh, Sara Pugh, Rachel Williams

  • Language use in different domains of the ‘Curry Mile’, Rusholme, Manchester

    Amanda Bailey, Lauren Baxendale, Susanne Borensen, Sophie Connoly, Chelsea Green, Lucy Spence

  • Language use in business on the Curry Mile in Manchester

    Shuk Ching Law, Sea Lim, Yumi Omori, Simon Stafford, Michael Wendel

  • How minority languages are represented in Manchester’s cinema industry

    Sarah Godfrey, Hannah Hopkins, Natalie Porter, Alexandra Williams

  • How do multilingual speakers adapt their language usage in different domains?

    Rachel Cooper, Stephanie Day, Tean Kendall, Nicole Lam, Naomi Shin, Tom Sprack

  • An analysis of multilingualism across restaurants in Manchester

    Lana Ali, Darian Flowers, Laura Gallagher, Stefanie Jones, Katy Mcgarty, Matthew Naylor, Kate Rudnicka

  • A study of language choice among bilingual English-Cantonese speakers in Manchester

    Qinglin Dong, Chi Young Kim, Arthur Melo, Antonia Pust, Qiyao Zhao

  • A linguistic study of multilingualism in and around Fallowfield

    Elodie McClean, Zulekha Sidyot

  • A Comparison of the Written Media Preferences of Multilingual Speakers in the Rusholme Area

    Timothy Emerton, Jonathan Purton, Adam Seabrook, Michael Taylor