2013 Reports

  • What can Twitter tell us about the language diversity of Greater Manchester?

    George Bailey, Joseph Goggins, Thomas Ingham

  • School language survey in Gorton Mount Primary School

    Jenny Toner, Melissa Bottomley, Emma Kelly

  • Multilingualism in Manchester Libraries

    Kelly Wilby, Benjamin Fearn, Xiaoqing Wang, Amandine Gaiguant

  • Mapping Mancunian multilingualism in twitter

    Maëla Mainguy, Yumi Nakai, Megumi Takayama

  • Libraries and community languages

    Umara Nasim, Hannah Phillips, Sajida Sidyot, Eleanor Walker

  • Language provisions within Manchester City Council

    Manuel Ibanez Martinez, Natalie Jennings, Kadie Ratchford, Grace Smith

  • Language provisions in Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Ophelia Brunello, Qianru Chen, Patricia Garcia, Lea Ramparany

  • Language proficiency across different Linguistic Domains amongst students in Heald Place Primary School

    Ateeka Ahmed, Tasneem Patel, Maria Miranda Arenas, Maria Guitiérrez Rodríguez, Finn Cotton

  • Language as an economic resource

    Ella Dix-Nagra, Kim Kahan, Melissa Hughes, Oliver Nesbitt

  • How do Manchester libraries accommodate the non-native languages spoken in the surrounding community?

    Victoria Murphy, Lauren Brooks, Charlotte Norman

  • An investigation into language provisions in Manchester

    Aysha Aktar, Hayley Murray