2017 Reports

  • A study into the reasons behind top-down multilingual signs, the languages within these signs, and attitudes towards these signs, with a focus on Central Manchester

    Joseph Butler, Isak Ferati, Natasha Torres-Coote

  • Language as a commodity: Multilingual language provision and marketing in Manchester’s Casino Industry

    Amber Dyer, Chloe Beatrice Haimes, Olivia McGuiness, Tertia Dow Rollason, Courtney Thomas

  • Linguistic Landscape of Bolton – Multilingual Signs of Small Businesses

    Sam Anderson-Stern, Oliver Bowles, Elisabeth Erber, Daisy Fenton, Annika Katharina Prestofer

  • Multilingual Manchester’s Linguistic Landscapes: A Study on the Use of Multilingual Signs for Public Services in Manchester

    Ellie Forrester O’Neill, Jessica Richardson, Arif True

  • Multilingualism in Sharples School, Bolton

    Ellie Jarvis, Olivia Maginnis Jones, Natalie Cozens Howey, Emma Kendall, Carys Elwiss-Hough

  • An investigation into ESOL provisions for refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester

    Elizabeth Haughton, Ella Lowson, Emily Morgan, Kayleigh Emma Ryan

  • ESOL provisions in two charitable organisations in Manchester

    Jaida Michelle Bates, Bokyung Kim, Celeste Leonard, Zhao Li, Molly Ann Sanderson

  • Mapping ESOL provisions across Manchester: An investigation into the EAL provisions provided at four Manchester Primary schools

    Joshua Cass, Alexander Michael Czesiek Gan, Peter Wallace Thomas, Daniella Francesca Waterman

  • Mapping ESOL provisions across Manchester: ESOL courses – effects and attitudes towards learning the language

    Antonia Oana Hetes

  • To wash away a footprint: exploring the real impact of English on refugee ESOL learners

    Kareem Belfon, Harry Davison, Parisa Hallgate, Joseph Brennan, Joseph Speet

  • All in a Name: Parental Naming Activity in Multilingual Manchester

    Amy Portwood