English Language Provisions

  • Investigating the Current Status of Demand for Interpreter Services from Customers Utilizing JobCentre Plus in Rusholme

    Ana Filipa Dos Santos Alves, Sarah Nimrah Aslam, Tanya Bhamber, Ethan-Cole Evans

  • Exploring the Demand and Provision for Interpreting Service in Rusholme JobCentre Plus

    Yan Wen

  • Experiences of translation and interpreting services in Manchester

    América Rita Lemos De Sa, Annie Cheung Sum Yeung, Isabel Lynch, Jabe Lau Ching Tung, Livia Lancellotti

  • To wash away a footprint: exploring the real impact of English on refugee ESOL learners

    Kareem Belfon, Harry Davison, Parisa Hallgate, Joseph Brennan, Joseph Speet

  • Mapping ESOL provisions across Manchester: ESOL courses – effects and attitudes towards learning the language

    Antonia Oana Hetes

  • Mapping ESOL provisions across Manchester: An investigation into the EAL provisions provided at four Manchester Primary schools

    Joshua Cass, Alexander Michael Czesiek Gan, Peter Wallace Thomas, Daniella Francesca Waterman

  • ESOL provisions in two charitable organisations in Manchester

    Jaida Michelle Bates, Bokyung Kim, Celeste Leonard, Zhao Li, Molly Ann Sanderson

  • An investigation into ESOL provisions for refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester

    Elizabeth Haughton, Ella Lowson, Emily Morgan, Kayleigh Emma Ryan