Schools and public services

  • Multilingualism in Sharples School, Bolton

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  • Mapping ESOL provisions across Manchester: An investigation into the EAL provisions provided at four Manchester Primary schools

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  • The Benefit of Supplementary Schools in Maintaining Minority Languages in Manchester

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  • School Language Survey in Heald Place Primary School

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  • School Language Survey: Abraham Moss Community School

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  • Does a multilingual adolescent’s language proficiency relate to how closely they identify with their culture and ethnicity?

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  • A Study of Language Provision in the North Manchester Libyan School

    Amie Louise Atkinson, Bethany Gargett, Amy Hughes

  • Schools and Multilingualism in Manchester

    Yasna Hawksley, Maja Sather, Lauren Stopps

  • School language survey in Gorton Mount Primary School

    Jenny Toner, Melissa Bottomley, Emma Kelly

  • School Language Survey at Heald Place Primary School

    Mizuki Arai, Julie Lesouef, Estrella Gallardo Osuna, Miriam Schulte, Lillian Wilde

  • Research into language choice and multilingualism in the medical profession

    Sophie Caplan, Edward Muir, Sean Robinson, Abigail Speakman, John Bartliff, Peter de Souza

  • Multilingualism in Rusholme Health Centre

    Katie Faxon, Julia Kolkmann, Daniel Smithson, Joseph Woods

  • Multilingualism in Manchester’s schools

    Natalie Edden, Elizabeth McCormack, Catherine Prendergast, Kelly-Ann Hughes

  • Multilingualism in Manchester Libraries

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  • Multilingual Manchester – Longsight report

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  • Multilingual Manchester: Language policy, language provision, teacher training and teacher methods

    Rachel Marsh, Sara Pugh, Rachel Williams

  • Linguistic diversity in a Gorton school

    Daragh Fennessy, MOse Keleher, Joseph Moulton, Claire Volding

  • Libraries and community languages

    Umara Nasim, Hannah Phillips, Sajida Sidyot, Eleanor Walker

  • Language within Manchester Health Services: Provisions and Practice

    Rebecca Boston, Helen Elms, Charles Hagger, Toni Hollows, Emily Lomas, Rachel Shaw

  • Language provisions within Manchester City Council

    Manuel Ibanez Martinez, Natalie Jennings, Kadie Ratchford, Grace Smith

  • Language provisions in Manchester Royal Infirmary

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  • Language proficiency across different Linguistic Domains amongst students in Heald Place Primary School

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  • An investigation into policy and practice within Manchester’s health services with reference to multilingualism in communities

    Clementine Fenton, Lydia Habicht-Britton, Siobhan Hoy, Michael McParland, Jessica Troughton, Susannah Warrington

  • Language planning and policy in Manchester

    Andrea Donakey

  • Language as an economic resource

    Ella Dix-Nagra, Kim Kahan, Melissa Hughes, Oliver Nesbitt

  • How do bilingual children utilise the process of language conversion in social situations, as well as maintaining their proficiency in other languages in St. Paul’s Catholic High school?

    Alice Baelden, Laura Hatton, Matthew Moran, Nobuhiko Yamazaki

  • How and why are minority languages maintained within Greater Manchester via supplementary schools

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  • Domain variance and cultural identity in a south Manchester high school

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  • Does an educational setting affect language choice in ‘Heald Place Primary School’?

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  • An analysis of the external social factors influencing first language distribution in Manchester

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  • How do Manchester libraries accommodate the non-native languages spoken in the surrounding community?

    Victoria Murphy, Lauren Brooks, Charlotte Norman

  • An investigation into multilingualism amongst 16-19 year old college students

    Samantha Calvert, Leah Clegg, Rebecca Darlow, Naomi Davies, Samantha Horrigan

  • An investigation into language provisions in Manchester

    Aysha Aktar, Hayley Murray

  • A study into the presence of Multilingualism in a Moss Side doctor’s surgery

    Yasmin Hall, Lucy Hilton, Francis Masterson, James Ridgway, Eleanor Whitford Kelly