2020 Reports

  • Comparison of attitudes to language learning in the British press pre- and post-Brexit

    Kris Shi Min Chua, Zixuan Wang Alice, Ashworth-Hayes

  • A comparative study of how ideologies inform the representation of language policies in the British press

    Jiayue Yang, Ziyue Yu, Kathryn Gee, Yutong Wang Yang Chen

  • Multicultural London English: Media representations and people’s views

    Mia Warren-Smith, Solomon Jack Heath, Olivia Matthews, Millicent Mccann

  • The language choices of users in the Manchester language exchange facebook group

    Cecilia Rinaldo, Shi Zhi Yang, Jamilah Zaynah Hamzaoui, Emilie Hernandez

  • The British print press and the foreign language gap in the age of Brexit

    Naima Mzoughi

  • Attitudes of the British press towards multilingualism in education

    Megan Meunier, Ayesha Patel, Nazish Talati

  • The representation of multilingualism and multiculturalism by the British media in the UK

    Pavondeep Kaur Lallie

  • The Mancunian take on Spanglish and Franglais: An integrated look into community creation and language use in diaspora Facebook groups in Manchester

    Nora Kennis, Georgina Alice Harrison, Benjamin Stephan, Francisco José Prieto Delgado

  • Examining attitudes and ideologies represented in the British press in regard to multilingualism

    Ffion Elen Eilish Hughes, Maris Milkovic, Zara Dilan Kiziltas, Amina Shaikh

  • Investigating the representation of issues surrounding multilingualism, such as social cohesion and language learning, in the British press

    Charles Patrick Thomas Harrison, William Cordell, Aaron Goldman

  • The factors influencing the language choices of users of an online multilingual group and their relation to the image of Manchester

    Jasmine Colquitt

  • Exploring linguistic landscapes of the Japanese language in Manchester using LinguaSnapp®

    Lisa Carter

  • Post-Brexit attitudes to English and multilingualism in the British press

    Niamh Boorman, Emma Rachel Louise Coleman, Maisy Taylor, Maciej Frejman

  • What are the factors which influence language choice within Latin American facebook communities in Manchester?

    Lucy Bills, Kate Niamh Ashcroft, Maria Luisa Evaristo Cursino Da Silva, Rebecca Mcnutt

  • How does the British press discuss language education?

    Martha Bennett, Lily O'Reilly, Kathryn Mcdonald, Ellen Symonds, Alexandra Mae Taylor