• Online and offline use of Punjabi in Manchester

    Lucy Appleby, Pavondeep Lallie

  • An investigation into the online usage of Chinese languages within the businesses of Manchester

    Christian Chaney, Zoe Gunter, Jennifer Thom

  • Attitudes to multilingualism in the media

    Elisa Gallagher, Ishrat Ali, Mia Davis, Louisa Majid

  • Online language use of Polish and Chinese communities in Manchester

    Rose Ellen Halligan, Sophie Iveson, Hannah Morgan, Amy Elizabeth Price

  • What can Twitter tell us about the language diversity of Greater Manchester?

    George Bailey, Joseph Goggins, Thomas Ingham

  • Report on Multilingual Media in Rusholme (Manchester)

    Henry Baker, Joseph Ellaway, Christine Gormley, Laura Marin Lopez, Rory O'Callaghan

  • Mapping Mancunian multilingualism in twitter

    Maëla Mainguy, Yumi Nakai, Megumi Takayama

  • Language change in progress: Evidence from spelling in computer-mediated communication

    Lucy Jones

  • How minority languages are represented in Manchester’s cinema industry

    Sarah Godfrey, Hannah Hopkins, Natalie Porter, Alexandra Williams

  • How do the factors of age, birthplace and occupation affect the consumption of media in Manchester by Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi speakers?

    Sean Brown, Sophie Couzens, Kimberley Horan, Shazia Khan, Alex Robertson, Holly Robison

  • A Comparison of the Written Media Preferences of Multilingual Speakers in the Rusholme Area

    Timothy Emerton, Jonathan Purton, Adam Seabrook, Michael Taylor